Month: November 2011

Lafayette Elementary Autumn Carnival

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HIM provided Lafayette Elementary School’s Autumn Carnival with 45 of the most incredible volunteers to man our games and various activities.  I can’t thank you enough for the privilege of using them!  Our carnival would not have been the smashing success it was without them!   Not much instruction was given but the volunteers were able to take initiative and work under the blazing sun for almost the entire day! They were so responsible and had the best attitudes.  Our children thoroughly enjoyed having high school students work our games & activities; it was a great combination, young people helping younger. Our parents raved about them; they were so impressed with their hearts in serving our Lafayette community.  We absolutely want and need to have HIM volunteers come back to help us for all our future carnivals!  If you have an event you need capable, enthusiastic and responsible volunteers, I highly recommend contacting HIM.

Thank you, thank you, thank you HIM… you ROCK!!!


~ Theresa G

Autumn Carnival Co chair

Lafayette Elementary School